Air Compressors – Then n’ Now!

Air Compressors – Then n’ Now!

Air compressors

Product Knowledge 7, Mar, 2016

For ages, it has been a tradition in common stores and shops to have a central power supply that managed and deployed all tools using a combination of belts, drive shafts and wheels. This generated power was distributed throughout using a separate mechanism. It is a wonderful fact that the mechanism still exists, but in a different modus operandi. This is where the vitality of an Electric Air Compressor can be understood because it is this same device that acts as the heart of the power generating mechanism.

A portable air compressor is a perfect substitute to the bulky industrial air compressors we have today, which most of the times remain within the safe boundaries of a garage. A portable electric air compressor proves to be a blessing especially when you have tasks that require you to move around the house or if you have a task wherein you need the air-compressor on-site with you.

An air compressor exists in a variety of situations – starting from manufacturing/ production plants to even corner gas stations. The previous statement was only in terms of general use but considering the advent of modernization, compressors today are installed in workshops, homes, garages as well as basements. Industrial compressor supplies include different models that power essential industrial tools like nail guns, wrenches, drills, spray guns and staplers.

Electric air compressors are normally about air power – which does not need dedicated bulky motors. Instead, we have here is a motor that successfully converts electrical energy into kinetic energy. As a result, you have device that does not make noises and have fewer parts, thereby making it compact n’ light.

Generally, air compressors generate air pressure using rotating impellers, however now we have positive displacement compressors too that are deployed in devices used by mechanics, contractors and homeowners. In the latter model, increased air pressure is due to the reduced size of the container. Some compressors generate high air-pressure with a reciprocating piston phenomenon.

Usually compressors come in one or two cylinder types, mostly depending on the tools they are supposed to power. Two cylinder models mostly operates in the same manner, expect for the fact that there will be two strokes per revolution. Two cylinder models are mostly used on contractor and homeowner levels. With so much power generated inside a vessel, stopping a compressor requires a pressure switch. For a common single-stage model, a pressure switch stops the motor on reaching a preset limit of 125-psi (approx.) Juno Enterprises FZE offers high quality and durable air compressors based on the needs and requirements of the clients.

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