Portable Lighting Towers : Making Progress Easier

Portable Lighting Towers : Making Progress Easier


Product Knowledge 8, May, 2016

Dubai’s progress has been unstoppable and it’s an understatement that it has pioneered numerous remarkable industrial projects such as the majestic Burj Khalifa: deemed as the tallest skyscraper in the world. Constructions of buildings and roads is an everyday picture in Dubai, either day or night, it is continuous. What makes such tedious task possible in such a limited span of time considering a deadline (which is common for most projects)? Aside from the manual labour and hard work of all the people involved, there’s the contribution of high-end technology. One of which are the colossal lighting towers which makes working in night time (and dark) possible.

Lighting towers are portable construction gear which is operated as a source of renewable electrical high-intensity light attached to a tall mast. These lights are then powered by diesel engine generators and can easily be moved from one location to another. Some lighting towers have warning alarms if the fuel is of low level already, one of the most prominent lighting tower brand is Arbor’s Mobile Lighting Tower supplied by Juno Enterprises FZE. These recognized portable lighting towers are manufactured in Europe with high standard and caliber quality.

These portable lighting towers are not just for one time used but can be a great investment. Considering one of its features is that it can be transported from one place to another with so much ease, it can be a benefit to the labourers and project investors. Aside from its main task is to produce shadow-less massive light during dark at construction sites, it can also be used during emergencies such as power blackouts and search rescues. Even during calamity, these portable lighting towers can be of used for military rescue base and camps. For recreational purposes, the lights can be used for special events: concerts and movie productions.

With the various uses of Arbor’s Mobile Lighting Tower, it also comes with the ideal packaging of being compact and space-saving hence, aside from being moveable; it occupies very minimal space making room for other heavy-weight equipment that takes on vast space (especially for storage).

Now, where do we get such well-rounded equipment? Juno Enterprises FZE has been in this business for 30 years and their knowledge of supplying world renowned products involved with engineering, power and construction has been tested through times. Nonetheless, with Juno’s expertise in this field, it is a guarantee that investing in such practical equipment will be a long term investment. It is never too late to be part of Dubai’s progress, contribute and be part of its success, contact us at Juno Enterprises FZE  and we’ll open doors of endless possibilities for you.

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