The centrifugal sumersible sewage pumps MultiStream are suitable for handling effluent or sewage in municipal and industrial pumping stations as well as in surface water drainage applications. The smaller typs are also used very successfully as portable units to deal with emergency situations.

  • The sewage pumps are suitable für handling sewage water.
  • In hazardous locations explosion-proof sewage pumps Ex have to be used.

The adjustable axial gap of the MultiStream- pump makes it possible to re-optimize the efficiency in case of abrasion by adjusting only one single screw. This can be done very cost-effective when the maintenance is carried out and the pump keeps its optimum performance on a long-term basis. MultiStream-pumps are recommended for:

  • effluent which contains fibrous matter
  • effluent which contains solids
  • mixed water
  • raw effluent
  • raw sludge
  • rainwater

*Technical specifications may vary for some products, Please send us an enquiry to receive the updated information.

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