U3K Spezial

Die U 3 K (S) is a special model made from high-quality resistant materials. This model is suitable for both stationary and portable use and is also able to handle aggressive media such as liquids containing salt, brackish water, condensate, silage liquor, whey and liquid fertilizer in the agricultural industry.

Contaminated water at high temperatures from dishwashers and washing machines (also high temperature) as well as condensate from condensing boilers can also be removed with the pump. For stationary operation the pump can also be combined with either the collecting tank supplied or with a large number of our chemical-resistant collecting tanks.

For other aggressive media we advise you to consult us. The difference in the characteristics of the various media does not make it possible for us to provide a guarantee.

This pump provides the same outstanding innovative technical features as the standard model. For stationary use in drains the guide rail system GR 32 also offers all the advantages of fast and easy maintenance. If the sump or tank runs dry temporarily, the pump can be vented by providing a drill-hole in the spiral housing.

If centrifugal submersible pumps are used outdoors, only a pump with 10 m cable without extension cable may be used in accordance with VDE Regulation 0100.

*Technical specifications may vary for some products, Please send us an enquiry to receive the updated information.

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