Storage Tanks

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Storage Tanks

Twin and single coil double enameled Storage Tank

Hybrid Solar/Heat Pump Hot Water Heater Storage

Construction : High quality S275JR welded steel construction in compliance with DIN 4753 Corrosion Protection : Double coat enamel layer in compliance with DIN 4753 Magnesium sacrificial anode provides additional corrosion protection Heat exchanger : Twin tube double wound heat exchangers of steel tubing Insulation : 500 - 600 litres 50 mm PUR CFC free hard foam 800 -€“ 1000 litres, 90 mm PUR CFC free soft foam shell Auxiliary electric heating : Flange heating capability on all tanks, an adapter flange is required at the base above 800 litres Temperature control : 1 thermometer incl. immersion sleeve art. no.: T 80/100 (500 - 600 litres)


  • Test pressure for the tank is 13 bar
  • All tanks are 100% hydraulically tested
  • The tank is inspected for leaks, physical defects and signs of any permanent deformation while at full test pressure
  • During hydraulic testing the welding is tested using the latest pneumatic optical test method
  • Full test pressure is maintained for 4 minutes after the tank reaches 13 bar

*Technical specifications may vary for some products, Please send us an enquiry to receive the updated information.

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