MIG 250 T

MIG 250 T

Product Advantages

  • Stayer's friendly control 250A 60% model for medium duty, MIG process from the range of 200 to 500 amperes designes for best quality MIG & MMA welding processes.
  • Transportable, compact, fully inverter IGBT motor for classic, simple & efficient only two buttons for speed / voltage control in 0.8 mm / 1.2 mm wire MIG welding. A switch for change to MMA, rod mode, enables the amperage control button.
  • Comfortable 2T/4T trigger mode selection for casual or continuous & crater control welds. Gas purge and wire inch facilities for cleaning gas conducts and to secure prime wire to contact tip.
  • Very easy inversion of polarity for flux core wire welding.
  • Internal generous 310 mm big spooler for 15 Kg wire spools capacity.
  • Two bright, big displays for real time, real value amperage and voltage information.

Standard Equipment

  • Pure copper power cable
  • Pure copper land cable with clamps
  • Pure copper electrode holder cable
  • External wire feeder
  • Binzel torch
  • Wheels

*Technical specifications may vary for some products, Please send us an enquiry to receive the updated information.

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