MIG 350 T

MIG 350 T

Product Advantages

  • Stayer's friendly control 350A 60% model for medium duty, MIG process from the range of 200 to 500 amperes designes for best quality MIG & MMA welding processes.
  • Transportable, compact, fully inverter IGBT motor for classic, simple & efficient only two buttons for speed / voltage control inup to 1.6 mm wire MIG welding. A switch for change to MMA, rod mode, enables the amperage control button.
  • Comfortable 2T/4T trigger mode selection for casual or continuous & crater control welds. Gas purge and wire inch facilities for cleaning gas conducts and to secure prime wire to contact tip.
  • Pulsed MIG mode up to 10Hz for very easy melted drop deposition in short circuit mode for perfect metallurgical and perfect astatically welding beads.
  • Very easy inversion of polarity for flux core wire welding.
  • External ( with 5m/10m connection hose) wire feeder with four roller best in the market mechanism. Synergic control also in the wire feeder. Includes 310 mm big spooler for 25 Kg wire spols capacity.
  • Main machine includes rear tray for secure transport of gas cylinder.
  • System menu based in intuitive graphics and led. Two bright, big displays for real time, real value amperage, voltage and parameters information.

Standard Equipment

  • Pure copper power cable
  • Pure copper land cable with clamps
  • Pure copper electrode holder cable
  • External wire feeder
  • Binzel torch
  • Wheels in main machine and wire feeder
  • Internal attached gas cylinder support

*Technical specifications may vary for some products, Please send us an enquiry to receive the updated information.

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