Over Voltage & Brownout Protector

Product Advantages

  • Complete protection against electrical disturbances as overvoltages, sags, surges, spikes and brownouts for 230Vac devices attached to public grids and electrical generators.
  • When a disturbance is detected Overcontrol protects the connected equipment cutting to him the electrical supply. After a minimum warning time of 2 seconds or when the danger ceases Overcontrol reconnects the equipment.
  • Protection voltage levels are adjustable by user by two regulators, one for highs and another for lows. Adjustable levels are for long duration disturbances (more than 0.02 seconds) bellows 300V. For more than 300V disturbances the protection is compulsory and immediate.
  • Users can choice the best compromise between safety and comfort as conditions vary. Selectable low cut level is from 140 to 240. Selectable high cut level is 240 to 300.
  • Physical cut electrical supply is made electronically with no mechanical contact so there is no sparks, no wear and high speed cut is achieved with no mechanical relays action.
  • Generous sizing of parts. Powerful: the PCB is able to manage up to 40 RMS amperes (9KVA).
  • When defense cut is made maximum protection is achieved by a complete, two poles, physical disconnection of neutral and live signals. Standard product only cut one pole, leaving another connected with the resulting risks.
  • Overcontrol includes clever control algorithms managed by microprocessor and a high luminosity 3x7 led Display for showing status and input real voltage reading: useful for checking voltage drops due to high consumption in bad impedance systems or surges or brownouts.
  • Designed and manufactured in Spain.

Standard Equipment

  • Power plug Schuko input CEE 7/7
  • Quality Europe Schuko socket CEE 7/4 IP44 protected
  • Bright 3x7 leds Display that can be seen in the darkness.
  • High power, flexible, rubber input cable H07RN-E 3G2,5mm2 450/750V 2.1m x 3 x 2.5mm2

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