Product Advantages

  • Electronic Equipment for Inverter professional welding TIG AC/DC and MMa rod welding.
  • Light & Powerful: only 71Kg 315A at 40% duty on 40ÂșC (EN60974-1) including trolley with gas tray.
  • TIG ability for welding any material and any thickness, including aluminum and alloys.
  • Maximum Quality: AC/DC capacity including pulsed arc, secure and superb dual reactor inverter technology.
  • Wide setup fot 2T/4T, gas preflow and postflow, start and finish ramps, pulse frequency and balance, base currents. All by simple and intuituve menu.
  • Improved professional arc starting by high voltage and high frequency. Big Dinse, half inch, 35-70 sockets.
  • Fully programmable, featuring three modes of operation including 'only one button' easy configuration for direct use of machine for new users.
  • In MMA rod welding mode the machine is ready for welding with most kinds of electrode, including basic, rutile, cellulosic and cast.
  • Solid manufacture surpassing European regulations 2004/108/EC, 2002/95/EC and IEC60974.

Standard Equipment

  • Pure copper power cable.
  • Pure copper land cable with clamps.
  • Pure copper electrode holder cable.
  • Ergonomic torch TIG SR18/M16
  • Pure copper, with: 4 differents nozzles (numbers 4, 5, 6 and 7) 3 electrode holders (1.0, 2.4 and 3.2 mm) 2 electrode caps (short and long)

*Technical specifications may vary for some products, Please send us an enquiry to receive the updated information.

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