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Stayer Power Tools & Accessories in UAEWe have partnered with, Stayer of Europe to provide the full range of Stayer power tools. Stayer has been producing high-end quality power tools for the past 40 years in Europe, where it has garnered a reputation for being a strong, reliable and quality assured brand offering an extensive gamut of products.

Our portfolio of Stayer’s power tools includes Cordless Drills, Screw Drivers, Hammers, Angle Grinders, Wall Sanders and Machines for Wood Work to name a few. All the above o?erings are complemented by supply of high quality accessories, which include Diamond Discs, Abrasive Discs, Grinding Wheels and Drill Bits.

The market experience gained over the several years has shaped our quality control procedures. And in line with our predominantly practical view, Stayer not only performs conventional laboratory tests, but attributes growing importance to the onsite simulations on each prototype before launching it.

Today, Stayer Power Tools have gained accreditation from its clients, ranging from construction industry personnel to interior designers, all of whom use the tools extensively.

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