GENLYON  heavy duty trucks are manufactured in China by SAIC-IVECO HONGYAN COMMERCIAL VEHICLE CO,. LTD a JV company constituted by SAIC group , the largest automobile manufacturer in China, Italian IVECO and HONGYAN, a 50-year old Chinese heavy duty truck brand.

The GENLYON series products are technically modified based on IVECO ‘stralis’ prototype technology. Maintaining the flavor of original body structure along with the combination of the SFH ‘CURSOR’ engine, the vehicle passed the  ECER29 European standard crash test.

SAIC-IVECO HONGYAN COMMERCIAL VEHICLE CO,. LTD, manufactures a wide range of heavy duty trucks and special trucks such as tractor unit, dump truck, cargo truck, tanker trucks and various construction engineering vehicles.

With continuous reliability, high security and European technology, the Genlyon series Trucks are industry leading in their field. Configured with the exclusive axle, chassis and cab painting and durable frame, Genlyon tractors give drivers a comfortable and stress-free ride.

With dedicated after sales maintenance, drivers can rest assured they are in safe hands, with manufacturers adhering to the strictest European safety and maintenance standards.

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