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Stayer Welding Machine in UAE - Juno EnterprisesInspired by the professional experience gained in the power tools industry since 1958, and encouraged by the growing demands of customers, Stayer launched its own line of Inverter Welding Professional Equipment in 1996. The knowledge gained from this experience has materialized in the R&D breakthrough of Stayer Welding line.

Unlike standard Inverter Welding Machines which waste high level of input energy and create harmonics in the line, Stayer’s Welding sets are equipped with Active PFC to prevent the wastage and ensure that the input line stays clean of harmonics, meeting IEC 61000-3-12:2011 international standards. The built in Stayer Overcontrol unit protects the welding machines against common input problems.

Stayer’s Welding Line range includes MMA, TIG Line, Mig Mag/ Wire Line and Plasma Line. The MMA Partner Line features fully equipped inverter welding and is ready for TIG welding. MMA Potenza is light and portable, yet delivers high quality results. The TIG Line boasts pre-programmed Process Pocometer, combined with Precision Electronics. Mig Mag/Wire Line delivers high quality Pulsed Arc wire welding and has a choice of classic analogue controls or Synergic high-resolution operation panel.

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