Safe Driving Tips for Heavy Duty Truck Drivers

Safe Driving Tips for Heavy Duty Truck Drivers

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Industry News 17, Feb, 2016

When dealing with large machinery or vehicles, safety of the employees is the number one priority. Juno Enterprises is not only one of the best heavy duty truck suppliers and dump truck suppliers in the region, but the company also puts a large emphasis on insuring the vehicles and machinery they supply comply with the strictest safety regulations.

The Genlyon heavy duty trucks supplied at Juno Enterprises offer continuous reliability, high security and European technology, the perfect combination to keep any driver safe. However, no matter how secure your vehicle is, working with large trucks can be a trying job, especially when dealing with long hours and intense distances. With the below top tips, you can make sure you stay are while driving your heavy duty or dump truck.

- Take regular breaks
Every couple of hours, pull over and make a pit stop. You will be amazed at how refreshed you feel after stretching your legs and getting a coffee!

- Get to know your vehicle
Make sure you know your vehicle inside out in case of a breakdown, especially if you break down while on the road. A great initiative at Juno is that all clients receive dedicated after-sales maintenance, with manufacturers adhering to the strictest European safety and maintenance standards.

- Keep your distance
Driving a heavy duty vehicle means a slower speed, but also a reduced stopping distance. Make sure you always keep a space of 4-5 cars in between you and the vehicle in front so you have enough time to brake suddenly if need be.

- Watch the blind spot
One of the main reasons for truck accidents on the road is the lack of vision when another vehicle is in the truck’s blind spot. Make sure you are always checking the spots you cannot see in your mirrors, especially before changing lanes or turning.

- Watch your amount of Extra Time
Even though working overtime may help you pay the bills, it is not advisable as the longer you work, the more tired you become. No matter how much experience you have as a heavy duty truck driver, driving while even slightly tired should be avoided at all costs.

Check out the Trucks page for more information on the best heavy duty trucks and dump trucks that Juno supplies.

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